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I would move heaven and earth for my kids... I'm also not afraid to say they drive me bonkers too. The reality is that there are many sides to Motherhood. Often, it's full of love and laughter - usually right before someone accidentally punches you in the face. As Moms, we all try to wake up with a smile, but usually end the day needing a healthy dose of empathy and encouragement to cope with the reality (that we may or may not have Googled "tranquilizer darts for kids").

Smile Smacker was born from my desire to make others laugh by sharing the craziest parts of motherhood, because we all need reminded that we're in this together. Just reading the funny quote on your travel mug (that you set down in your shopping cart while trying to keep your kids from doing back flips down the grocery aisle), can make another mom's day. It's my hope that we give you a reason to smile, while offering a small dose of much needed self care. It's a gentle reminder that whether your day was good, bad, frustrating, exciting, exhausting or (usually) all of the above, in the end it was full of love... and now laughter too!

Smile Smacker;s product line is both high-quality and very durable.

You know you're a Mom when everything you own is covered in dirt, cracker crumbs, soured milk and some sort of suspicious goo.

The durability of our products is just as important to us as the messages they convey. That's why we spent over two years searching out high quality items that would survive Mom life. From phone cases to super-mom blankets, they were put to the test, and our final selections came out the other side with full mom approval. These babies can withstand anything you throw at them (yes - even that unidentified goo), all while looking modern and chic. Because Moms deserve to have nice things - no matter what our kids think!


To give both Moms and Kids a reason to smile.

Ahhh, the life of a mom. It's truly amazing that our kids can be our greatest source of peace, as well as our greatest source of chaos. We understand, which is why we're always posting new quotes - to add some extra laughter into your day!

As the owners of Smile Smacker, our family was created through the blessing of adoption. Every purchase that you make allows us to donate to adoption organizations like Show Hope and Gift of Adoption, which help to bring families together, just like ours. Thank you!


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